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Feb 28, 2013 7:30am PST
. - good-bye, everyone. - have a nice trip. whdid you make us put our hands in the air like that ? - i didn't do that. you did. - there's been a big misunderstanding. i can understand why you might have thought that. i'm sorry if i upset you. - oh, no ! jamal ! - too late. where's the flashlight ? here you go. this says to check the circuit box. i'll be right back. "flip switches on left first off and then back on." i know how to do that. try it again. what are all these wires ? beats me. do you mind if i take a look ? do you know anything about electricity ? a little. that's more than we know. jamal hasn't been gone five minutes, and already something breaks. how did you do that ? one of your relay switches is bent, so i repositioned the contacts. of course. simple. thank you. unfortunately, it's only temporary. it will have to be replaced. i'll have jamal fix it as soon as he returns. - our guest here fixed the light for us. - lucky for us. sit, sit. look, i'm sorry about what happened. - you should be. - oh, katherine, it is us who should be
Feb 7, 2013 7:30am PST
wish. i hope you will visit us often. mmm. you've got a deal. - hi, everybody. - aren't you supposed to be in school ? - i'm showing my grandparents where the bus stop is. - where are they going ? - to the senior citizens' center for flu shots. - that's a long bus ride. i know. my mother wanted me to go with them before school. i overslept. i don't have time. - do you think they'll be all right ? - yeah, i think so. - i'm giving them directions. - you're giving them directions ? yeah. plus, they've got a map. - nice to meet you. - hello. they don't speak much english. excuse me. i would like you to meet henry chang. you'll probably see him on his bicycle riding around making deliveries. henry, this is detective anderson. police. nice to meet you. - thanks for the coffeecake. - my pleasure. was there a problem, henry ? my grandparents are afraid of the police. why ? in china the police weren't very nice to them. from the stories i've heard, they're not so nice here either. that is not fair. not all policemen are alike. it's the way i f
Feb 21, 2013 7:30am PST
agreement and all of us will sign it and you will pay him the rent as soon as possible... and he's going to fix the roof as soon as possible. - are we all in agreement ? - that's great. - that's agreeable with me. okay, thanks a lot for coming into my office. thank you. sincerely yours, rosa rivera. hold on. let me get a shot of that antique you're typing on. henry, please. okay, katherine. tell me what you think. okay. "dear sir: i'm a tenant who always pays my rent on time. i've tried--" henry, come on ! how am i supposed to read this letter with that thing in my face ? just one more take. and don't look at me. it's supposed to be completely natural and unrehearsed. "dear sir: i'm a tenant who always pays my rent on time. "i've tried to bring several problems to your attention. these include: "no water pressure unsafe elevators and dirty alleys. "i'm not asking for luxury only basic services. i know you're a busy man, but--" wait a minute. what ? did i spell something wrong ? it sounds like you're apologizing for writing this letter. you need to be
Feb 14, 2013 7:30am PST
orders. i make strong suggestions. i think if only one of us is to be in charge, it ought to be me. you're in the kitchen most of the day, hidden away, out of view, where you should be. i'm sorry, but i don't know if i can work here if you are the boss. i'm positive that i can't work here if you're the boss. - i know. maybe jamal can be the boss. - what ? weren't you in charge of a bunch of people back in egypt ? well, yes, but-- you know, that's not such a bad idea. i agree. that is a good idea. i am honored. that even sounds like mr. brashov. - but i must turn down your offer. - oh, no. why ? my wife is out of town on business this week, and i've got my hands full with the baby. so, then, who should be in charge ? we know it can't be henry. he's too young to be a boss, and he only works part-time. i'll change my schedule if i can be the boss. not on your life. i had a hunch you might all show up early today. what ? you have been unanimously elected to be in charge of crossroads cafe. - wait ! wait ! - no way. i'm retired, remember ? these old b
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4